A long time ago, the Start Button was invented. Immortal, Unchangeable, Merciless. It took the invaluable space of our Taskbars.

But now we have a hero who will kill the hated Start Button and save the Earth!

Meet the Start Killer! v7.0

Just run the Start Killer and the Start Button will be killed. Exit the Start Killer to return the Start Button back and go back to the dark side.

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Supported Windows versions

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
Both 32 and 64 bit systems are supported.


  • Removes the Start Button and gives you more space on the taskbar
  • The Start Menu can be opened by WIN or CTRL+ESC keyboard keys
  • The Start Menu can be blocked
  • Hiding the Start Killer tray icon
  • Manage via command line

Installation and Using

Download the installation package, run it and follow the instructions (press Next and then Finish ;) ). After installation is finished run the Start Killer from the Start Menu. Right-click the Start Killer tray icon to exit or open the Settings dialog box. Turn on the option Load on system startup if you want to run Start Killer automatically when the Windows starts.

Use the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F12 to open the Settings dialog box without the tray icon.

Start Killer can kill the Metro UI (start menu and charm bars) like the Metro Killer. Now you don't need to run the Metro Killer. Just turn on the option in the Start Killer settings.

We recommend to use Start Killer together with True Launch Bar to forget about Start Menu.

Portable version

If you download the portable version of the Start Killer, please use the files from the folder named 32 for 32-bit systems and from folder named 64 for 64-bit systems.

The 32-bit Start Killer is not compatible with 64-bit Windows.

Start Killer and Windows 10

Since version 7.0 Start Killer removes the start button on the Windows 10 as well as on other Windows versions. The start menu blocking is not released yet, but we are working on this

Start Killer and Windows 8.1

Since version 5.1 Start Killer removes the start button from taskbars on the secondary monitors. Also now the Start Killer includes the Metro Killer features. Start Killer kills the Metro UI and stay it killed even Windows Explorer has restarted. Turn on the corresponding option in the Start Killer settings.

For Windows XP users

Still using Windows XP? Bad news: since the version 7.0 Windows XP is not supported. Good News: you can download old version with XP support: installation | portable

Using Start Killer from command line

Run Start Killer and remove the Start Button


Note: if you try to run the second copy of the Start Killer without parameters, you'll see the error message.

Close Start Killer and restore the Start Button

startkiller.exe exit

Open Start Killer Properties

startkiller.exe prop

How much the Start Killer costs?

Start Killer is free! You don't need to pay for the Start Killer, but a small donation is appreciated. Start Killer does not contain any spyware, adware, and does NOT "phone home". Installation package installs the Start Killer only, no any other software.


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